Frequently Asked Questions

Attention To Detail

What is a Health Coach?

Someone who you can rely on to provide the motivation and support required to live a healthy life, being a supportive partner to work with you to help you feel your best, through lifestyle changes.  A health coach will typically refrain from giving advice, prescribing or diagnosing an issue and instead use a person-centred approach to devise an action plan with you and provide you with the tools to inspire you to achieve your goals.

How to pay attention to health?

Paying attention to health is essentially about making sensible and moderate choices in your daily life. Most people think of alcohol, tobacco and fast foods as the main contributors to poor health but unless you have a nutrient rich and balanced diet, take regular exercise and get enough sleep then your physical health and mental well being will be adversely affected. By paying more attention to your health there are many areas you can improve quickly and easily.

Can a Health Coach help with other areas of my life?

A Health coach will be able to support you with other matters associated with healthy living, such as weight management, work life balance, careers, family and stress management.

Why does having a coach to support you aid your progress?

Nobody knows your body and mind better than you, making you the expert in the coaching relationship but you will be supported in goal setting, action planning and given the necessary tools to  promote self-care and self-management  to become the best version of yourself possible.

How long does a typical coaching journey last?

There is no such thing as a typical coaching journey, as each person is unique then each journey will have a unique route and destination. As it is a goal based practice then it should come with a plan which will be agreed at the first session. As a guide though it should not be a long-term engagement and some clients achieve their outcomes in as little 4 sessions and some may take up to 20 plus sessions.

What can I do if I decide my coach is not right for me

It is very important that there is rapport between the client and coach and an open and honest line of communication.  If you feel this has not been established and you are not making progress then you should highlight this immediately.  If a remedy cannot be found then it is in the interest of both parties to terminate the coaching sessions.

How long will I wait for my first appointment?

When you book your free session with Attention to Health, we aim to see you within 2 weeks of your initial enquiry, subject to availability.

How do I know my coach will treat my information with confidence?

Once you have decided to engage the services of Attention to Health you will be issued with a contract from Attention to Health, detailing the terms of the engagement which will explain our commitment to and guarantee of confidentiality.