Attention to health is a coaching business specialising in empowering people who have decided to make positive life changes and would like support while they grow to love the life they live.


I’m Rena Anderson, the founder of Attention to Health and a qualified life coach who is passionate about people, life, health and happiness. 

With a vested interest in health and well-being, I specialise in helping my clients achieve a more balanced lifestyle and become the best version of themselves possible. There are many ways our lives become damaged or curtailed by the lifestyle choices we make.  Finding a healthy balance can be as simple as just taking time to improve self-awareness, observe how we live and investing more time in self-management and self-care.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to navigate the challenges life throws at us. I have launched Attention to Health as the platform to support my clients during their very personal journey to a healthier and happier life.

As a life coach I use a therapeutic approach in the sessions to help every client to:

- Identify their ideal healthy balance

- Take action in the present and find ways to create a brighter future

- Use forward-thinking and develop new habits 

- Embrace change and create meaningful results.